PERMAFLEX® 928 magnetic foil with high magnetic force

Our PERMAFLEX® 928 magnetic foils are plastic-bonded, flexible and permanent magnetic. These foils are produced in various widths and thicknesses.

The plastic constituents make the foil flexible, allowing it to be cut and punched with ease. PERMAFLEX® 928 offers extremely strong holding properties and is therefore suitable for all applications that require excellent holding force.

Technical details

Magnet quality
Non magnetised
Adhesive strength [N/cm²]
PF 928034836000,501raw brown0,4
PF 928034846000,751raw brown0,65
PF 928034856001,001raw brown0,85
PF 9280338510001,0010raw brown0,85
PF 928034876001,501raw brown0,95
PF 928034886002,001raw brown1,1
PF 928034816003,001raw brown1,4
More information

PERMAFLEX® 928 sheets before cutting

Possible applications:

The self-adhesive foils in particular are used in technical applications.

Also available as blanks or custom stampings.

  • as a protective cover for coatings or paints
  • to protect against corrosion during transportation
  • for booth and store construction and display systems
  • interlocking systems with twin-pairs superposable magnetization

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