PERMAFLEX® 518 basic magnetic foil

PERMAFLEX® 518 Basismagnetfolie

Our PERMAFLEX® 518 magnetic foils are plastic-bonded, flexible and permanent magnetic. These foils are produced in various widths and thicknesses.

The plastic constituents make the foil flexible, allowing it to be cut and punched with ease. The holding force is in the medium range.

Technical details
Magnet quality
Art.- No.Width
Non magnetised
Adhesive strength [N/cm²]
PF 518032806150,4015raw brown0,20
PF 5180328810000,4015raw brown0,20
PF 5180328312000,4015raw brown0,20
PF 5180328110000,5015raw brown0,25
PF 5180326910000,5015self adhesive0,25
PF 518032826150,5015raw brown0,25
PF 518032936150,5030raw bown0,25
PF 518032846150,7515raw brown0,40
PF518032966150,7530raw brown0,40
PF 5180329510000,7515raw brown0,40
PF 518032976151,0030raw brown0,50
PF 5180328610001,0010raw brown0,50
PF 518032876151,5015raw brown0,60
PF5180327710001,5010raw brown0,60
PF 518031806002,001raw brown0,65
PF 518031896003,001raw brown0,70

Instruction Sheet for the correct use of PERMAFLEX® Magnetic Signs:

Instruction Sheet

More information

Possible application of PERMAFLEX®

Possible applications:

These foils, particularly the self-adhesive versions, are primarily used for technical applications such as covering paintwork or as transport protection.

Also available as blanks or custom stampings.

  • as a protective cover for coatings or paints
  • to protect against corrosion during transportation
  • to fix advertising signs or light objects

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