Physicist Horst M. Baermann becomes self-employed under sole proprietorship using the company name: „Horst Baermann Physikalisch-Technische Entwicklungen“. The small company operates from the basement of his private residency in the city of Rösrath (next to Cologne).

1966 - 1967

Horst M. Baermann starts off his business promoting his own patented product ideas and licensing the same.  He also engages in becoming a free-lancing trade representative for select industrial corporations in Germany.
A small production facility is being established in the basement of his home laminating and cutting flexible magnetic foils by hand…

1967 - 1968

By the middle of 1967 Hans-Christian Meyer becomes the first (free-lance) employee of the young company and assists in the production of customized permanent magnets.


The sole proprietorship becomes registered as fully operating commercial entity, still located at the private residency of the company founder.

Nov. 1969

A new, more spacious facility is being rented in Seelscheid-Stein (Municipality of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid)

Mid 1970's

After a longer period of renovating the new premises, the company moves to the new facility in Seelscheid-Stein.


Birth is given to the naming of RHEINMAGNET! The company changes its name to „Horst Baermann RHEINMAGNET KG“.


RHEINMAGNET becomes lessee of the commercial property totaling more than 2.8 acres and starts building a two-storie manufacturing and office facility, which still operates as the current registered company location.


Inauguration of the new facilities at Ohlenhohnstrasse 23 in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid.

1979 - 1983

Strong expansion of business activities and growing sales, in part resulting from intensive participation in national and international exhibitions. The company’s founder Horst M. Baermann becomes founding member of three new corporations abroad in order to support this development and strengthen the momentum:                                                                                           a) „Baermann Magnetics, Inc.“ in Spartanburg, SC, (U.S.A.), a joint
 venture with his father Max Baermann for the promotion and marketing of flexible permanent magnets in North America (1979).
b) „Far East Magnetics“ in Hong Kong for procurement and marketing of
 permanent magnets (1981).
c) „Anchor Magnets Ltd.“ in Sheffield, England (1984).


RHEINMAGNET changes its legal form to a corporation (formerly a private limited company)


A new increasingly prosperous era with rapidly growing sales figures starts off  with the invention and international patenting of the “Concentric Circular Magnetization” (CCM) paving the way for a new range of products primarily  targeting distributors worldwide in the wellness and therapeutic industry.
Two internationally renowned trademarks, BIOflex® and VITAflex®, become registered in numerous countries and provide for strong sales figures in their respective markets.


Implementation of a Quality Management System according to DIN ISO 9001.


The company‘s founder Horst M. Baermann retires as Managing Director after more than 40 years of successfully running the company.


Eckhard Baermann, eldest son of the company’s founder, takes over the position as Managing Director from his father.


Inauguration of a new, modern L-shaped warehouse adjacent to the existing factory building, providing enhanced logistics and shortening delivery times dramatically to better serve customers.

April 2014

The inauguration of a new office building as an extension to the existing facility structure marks the end of possible expansion plans at the current location.


„Magnet1956 GmbH“ becomes established as RHEINMAGNET’s first wholly owned subsidiary in order to satisfy the increasing demand for magnetic retail solutions by a growing number of retail customers.


Eckhard Baermann becomes sole shareholder of „RHEINMAGNET Horst Baermann GmbH“.


50th Anniversary celebrations are taking place commemorating the accomplishments of the past and introducing the second successful half of Rheinmagnet’s corporate century to come….


New Warehouse and production plant in Much-Bövingen.


Alexander Fessen is appointed Managing Director with sole power of representation alongside Eckhard Baermann.


Eckhard Baermann leaves the management and will from now on concentrate on his board activities in the parent company. From now on, Alexander Fessen is the sole managing director of RHEINMAGNET with sole power of representation.

In the 2021 financial year, the company achieves its highest turnover in the company's history and closes both pandemic years in succession profitably.

February 2022

The Group subsidiary Magnet1956 GmbH begins to take over the distribution of two product groups of RHEINMAGNET, which in turn will concentrate more on its core areas in the future as part of the Group strategy.