Ferrofoils / Ironfoils

PERMAFER® ferrofoils as magnetic receptive surfaces

Our PERMAFER® ferrofoils base on special ferrite powders, which are bound in plastic and therefore flexible and easy to cut by shears, cutter or mechanical scissors. The here presented ferrofoils, also called iron foils, are used as a substrate for magnets and magnetic foils.

We offer different types of ferrofoils: digitally printable ferrofolis (optionally with self-adhesive backside), ferrofoils with dry-wipeable white PET coating (whiteboard function) or blackboard coating and self-adhesive backside as well as ferrofoils without coating on front (raw-brown) and indoor self-adhesive backside. For details please see chart below. If you have any questions just feel free to give us a call. We are always at your disposal.


Overview of all kinds of PERMAFER® ferrofoils (adhesives surfaces)

Art.-No.TypeAttributeSize [mm]Roll lengths [m]
08080 Ferro foilwhite, printable PVC coating, self adhesive possible(615 x 0.55) 15
08090Ferro foilwhite, printable PVC coating, self adhesive possible(1,000 x 0.55)15
08087Ferro foilwhite, printable PVC coating, back side with selfadhesive coating(1,250 x 0.55)20
08099Ferro foilwhite PET coating, writeable - dry washable, back side with selfadhesive coating(1,250 x 0.55)20
08085Ferro foilblackboard coating, back side with selfadhesive coating(1,200 x 0.55)20
08095Ferro foilno coating, indoor self adhesive on back site(1,010 x 0.4)12

PERMAFER® ferrofoil as printing and/or display medium (not usuable as adhesives surface)

PERMAFER® Ferrofolie
PERMAFER® Ferrofolie

The extrem thinn PERMAFER® ferrofoils (also called ferro paper) are printable but they can not be used as an adhesive surface for magnets or magnetic sheets. The most common application for PERMAFER® ferrofoils is the following: A wall (or any other kind of surface) is covered with a magnetic sheet/foil (e.g. PERMAFLEX®518) and PERMAFER® ferrofoils can be printed and attached to this surface as a display /or advertising medium.

The advantage of this system is that you can replace the display medium quick and easy and reuse it as often as you want to. This saves the environment because you produce less garbage. And you can put up to three levels of PERMAFER® ferrofoils on each other to design your advertisement with for example signs for special rates.

We would be pleased to advise you on these materials. Just give us a call.

Overview of all kinds of PERMAFER® ferrofoils (display medium)

Art.-No.TypeAttributeSize [mm]Roll lengths [m]
08103Ferro foilwhite, printable PP coating(1,270 x 0.26)50



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