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Our product SuperFLUXX is more than just a flux foil or flux detector foil. SuperFLUXX does not only displays the pole pitch, but also has a colour-changing function that reacts to magnetic fields.

SuperFLUXX is available exclusively in Europe from Rheinmagnet.

Size: (300 x 200)mm

Art.-No.: 09203

Overview of the SuperFLUXX film colour shown

Color shownGauss
Orange50 bis 100
Yellow100 bis 150
Lightgreen150 bis 250
Green250 bis 300
Dunkelgrün300 bis 500
Blau600 bis 800
Dunkelblau900 bis 1.000
Polarity tester
Polarity tester (09213)

Polarity tester

Universal device for displaying magnetic polarity and indicating the direction of the magnetic field.

Art.-No.: 09213

Magnetic block
(02550) Magnetic block

Magnetic block

  • Powerful
  • Rubber-coated
  • Strong displacement force
  • 120 N Magnetic force
  • Thread M6 x 18mm

Size: (77 x 54 x 12)mm

Art.-No.: 02250

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