PERMAFLEX® 5014 printable magnetic foil


Our PERMAFLEX® 5014 magnetic foils are plastic-bonded, flexible and permanent magnetic. These foils are produced in various widths and thicknesses.

The plastic constituents make the foil flexible, allowing it to be cut and punched with ease. The non-magnetic side is coated with white PVC and can be printed using a variety of methods, e.g. screen or digital printing.

With a material thickness of 0.3 mm, our PERMAFLEX® 5014 is available with white paper lamination and can be custom-printed using conventional inkjet printers. A3 and A4 sizes with paper lamination are available.


Technical details
Magnet quality
Art.- No.Width
Non magnetised
Adhesive strength[N/cm²]
PF 5014035072100,300,297paper / white0,12
PF 5014035084200,300,297paper / white0,12
PF 50140361412700,3030 mPET / white0,05
PF 5014036126150,4015PVC-white / gloss0,15
PF 5014036026150,5015PVC-white / mat0,20
PF 50140366510200,5020PVC II-white / mat0,15
PF 50140368410200,5020PP-white0,15
PF 50140361110000,5015PVC-white / mat0,20
PF 50140367812700,5020PVC-white / mat0,20
PF 5014036036150,6015PVC-white / mat0,25
PF 5014036136150,6030PVC-white / mat0,25
PF 50140360810100,6015PVC-white / mat0,25
PF 5014032566000,851PVC coloured0,40
PF 50140360110100,8510PVC-white / mat0,40
PF 50140360910100,8515PVC-white / mat0,40
PF 5014036046150,8515PVC-white / mat0,40
PF 5014036076150,8530PVC-white / mat0,40
PF 5014036106150,8515PVC-white / gloss0,40
PF 5014036056151,1015PVC-white / mat0,50
PF 5014036856151,601PVC-white / mat0,60

Instruction Sheet for the correct use of PERMAFLEX® Magnetic Signs:

Instruction Sheet

Possible applications:

Printed foils in these colours are in stock (Art.-No.: 03256)

The list of possible applications for PERMAFLEX® 5014 magnetic film is long. As flexible changeable advertising at the point of sale (POS), this variant has established a firm place for itself in the advertising industry.
Another application is the use as a magnetic car sign. The flexible, magnetic advertising signs adhere excellently to all body parts of cars, trucks and vans. The classic magnetic driving school sign as well as magnetic warning signs on construction or agricultural vehicles are based on PERMAFLEX® 5014 magnetic film in 0.85mm material thickness.
In the field of warehousing and logistics, writable magnetic signs have become indispensable and help with every inventory as flexible, easily exchangeable magnetic counting signs or as magnetic labels on which a barcode makes clear identification possible. At RHEINMAGNET, these magnetic warehouse labels are cut to your desired dimensions, accurate to the millimetre. Likewise, PERMAFLEX® 5014 can be punched as required; this means that individual shapes such as magnetic letters, numbers and figures can also be produced. Since this material complies with the European toy standard EN 71 Part 3, there are many possible applications in the wide spectrum of the toy industry.

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RHEINMAGNET offers a paper-coated version of PERMAFLEX® 5014 in DIN A3 or DIN A4 format for printing on standard inkjet printers. This material can for example be used as printed operating instructions for machines, as notifications for employees on bulletin boards (whiteboards) or other notices and information.

In the case of Rheinmagnet's PERMAFLEX® 5014 magnetic film quality, white PVC or PET coatings are permanently bonded to the raw films in a thermally assisted pressing/adhesive process. High-quality PVC/PET grades ensure that the films can be produced largely without corrugations and can be processed perfectly in the above-mentioned printing processes. If other dimensions than those listed in the tables are required, these can be produced at short notice as a customised product with the appropriate quantity.

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