Magnets for techinical applications

Permanent magnetic products can be found in countless scopes. Most of these are adhesive applications. It is also possible to place objects with glued magnetic foils on magnetically adhesive surfaces. Magnets are also used as invisible closures of packaging or bags. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

For example paper printouts can be fixed with the help of magnets or printed foils used for advertising purposes can be fixed on metal substrates.

Our magnets are also used in motors, filter systems, for positioning lasers or equipment.

In order to cover the requirements of all applications, we offer you a very wide range of magnets, magnet qualities and types. We can supply you with sintered hard ferrites, rare earth magnets made of neodymium, iron and boron and samarium-cobalt - as well as aluminium-nickel-cobalt alloys, and various qualities of magnetic foils, magnetic foil blanks and magnetic strips.

Apart from a few exceptions, you will always receive all magnets in the desired size and shape, as well as with specially matched magnetisations on request.

We can magnetize and demagnetize all the above-mentioned magnets, or types of magnets. We can offer hard ferrite magnets, magnetic foils, magnetic tapes, as well as products made from them, magnetized according to your specifications (e.g. pole pitch, special pole courses).

In our laboratory we can measure practically all magnetic properties, such as magnetic characteristics, magnetic moment, field line density and its course, as well as the orientation of the magnetic axis and the magnetic holding force. Furthermore, the quality of coatings can also be tested. Due to these technical possibilities and our many years of experience, we are able to support you in detail in the design and application of your permanent magnetic solution and ensure consistently high quality.

All the services described above, such as magnetization and/or demagnetization, creation of a demagnetization curve, measurement of the magnetic axis, the field line density or the magnetic holding force, are of course also available as a contract service for "your" magnets.

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