Magnetic strips and profiles

RHEINMAGNET Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are plastic-bonded, flexible and permanent magnetic. These foils are produced in various widths and thicknesses.

Various filling levels, powder qualities and production processes mean that strips with various magnetic and mechanical properties can be produced.

After the mechanical manufacturing process on extruders, PERMAFLEX® magnetic strips are permanentlymulti-pole magnetised on one face. Axial magnetisation is also possible on request.

Furthermore, we also have magnetic foils in different widths, material thicknesses and adhesive forces in our range. The foils can be cut or punched to the millimetre on request. The magnetic foils can also be equipped with a self-adhesive coating.

Magnetic tape qualityavailable bandwidthsAvailable band thicknessesmagnetic holding forcescoating
PERMAFLEX® 424from 7 to 25 mmfrom 1 to 2 mmnormalnone, optional with self-adhesive coating
PERMAFLEX® 424 Display Systemband12, 5 and 25mm1,5 mmnormalwith self-adhesive coating
PERMAFLEX® 5014from 20 to 50 mm0,85 mmnormalwith white PVC coating
PERMAFLEX® 928from 10 to 30 mmfrom 1 to 2 mmhighnone, optional with self-adhesive coating
PERMADYM® 5068 10 and 20 mm1 and 1,5 mmvery high (NdFeB)with 3M self-adhesive coating


High-quality, flexible holding and fastening tape made of PVC with ten strong neodymium magnets embedded in plastic. Each magnet can support up to 1 kg.

Dimension: (700 x 40) mm

Item no. 15020

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