Magnetic foils


RHEINMAGNET PERMAFLEX® and PERMADYM® magnetic foils are permanent magnetic flexible foils, which are produced in different widths, material thicknesses and adhesive forces with different coatings.

Our magnetic foils are produced in isotropic, semi-anisotropic and anisotropic quality, which differ in their magnetic properties. PERMAFLEX® magnetic foils with a white surface are ideal for printing or labelling.

All magnetic foils are cut or die-cut to the millimetre on request and provided with a self-adhesive coating if required. In the standard programme, RHEINMAGNET offers a thin film adhesive as well as a foam padding adhesive.

RHEINMAGNET has been serving a very satisfied customer base for decades, who can rely on the high quality of PERMAFLEX® and PERMADYM® magnetic foils. These include printers, POS specialists, advertising agencies, logistics companies, manufacturers of: Exhibition stands, training and presentation materials, packaging and closure systems as well as storage systems and many more.

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Magnetic foils stick magnetically to all ferrous surfaces such as information boards, refrigerators, storage shelves or also to the PERMAFER® iron or ferrous foils from RHEINMAGNET. PERMAFLEX® and PERMADYM® magnetic foils with different magnetic and mechanical properties are manufactured using different filling degrees, powder qualities and production processes. After the mechanical manufacturing process on calenders, our magnetic foils are permanently magnetised on one side with multiple poles.

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For larger requirements, we offer you the option of manufacturing magnetic foils in the thicknesses, widths or roll lengths you require. Just tell us the dimensions and quantity and we will be happy to send you a quotation.

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