PERMADYM® 5068 magnetic foil with very high magnetic force

Our PERMADYM® 5068 magnetic foils are permanent magnetic foils made from plastic (polyethylene) and magnetic powder. Contains neodymium-iron-boron material. 

PERMADYM® 5068 is a magnetic foil with extremely high holding force.

The foil is flexible and can be cut and punched.

Possible applications:

This foil is especially ideal if a strong holding force is needed on a small area.

Technical details
Magnet quality PERMADYM®Art.-No.Width [mm]Material-thickness [mm]Length [m]Non magnetised sideAdhesive strength [N/cm²] +20%/-10%
PD 5068034103001,001raw brown3.3
PD 5068034143001,501raw brown4.3
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