PERMAFLEX® 424 - display system strip

  • Isotropic magnetic strip with specially-tuned system magnetisation.
  • magnetic strip in width 25mm - magnetization TYPE A - act as a base for 2 strips of width 12.5 mm with the magnetization TYPE B.


Adhesive strength [N/cm²] +/-20%
(12,5 x 1,5)30PF42405385Magn. A0,57
(12,5 x 1,5)30PF42405386Magn. B/ groove0,57
(25 x 1,5)30PF42405387Magn. A0,57
(25 x 1,5)30PF42405329Magn. B/ groove0,57
(19 X 1,5)30PF42405328one side multipole0,57

Possible applications:

The PERMAFLEX® 424 display system tape is a special version of the PERMAFLEX® 424 magnetic tape. The display system tape is provided in two magnetisation types that are perfectly magnetically matched to each other: A magnetic tape with TYPE A magnetisation serves as a base for the corresponding counterpart with TYPE B magnetisation. The tapes attract each other magnetically in pairs. This makes the Display System Tape ideal for attaching posters and banners, for example for aluminium advertising stands, and for connecting display panels in the Point of Sale area. PERMAFLEX® 424 Display System Tape is also regularly used for attaching LED light strips or fly screens. We are also happy to offer you customised cuts, just let us know the dimensions you require.

PERMAFLEX® 424 Display System Tape is always self-adhesive.



These tapes are always equipped with self-adhesive coating.

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