PERMAFLEX® 928 magnetic foil with high magnetic force

PERMAFLEX® 928 anisotropic magnetic foils are our strongest magnetic foils based on a mixture of strontium ferrite magnetic powder and chlorosulphonated polyethylene. These films are available in sheets (1,000 x 600) millimetres in thicknesses of 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2 and 3 millimetres. In addition, the 1 mm thick version is available in a width of 1,000 millimetres and a length of 10 running metres as roll material.  
We are happy to produce custom-fit cuts or die-cut special shapes according to customer specifications - whereby the raw film can also be equipped with a double-sided self-adhesive coating.
For a wide variety of applications, this magnetic foil can also be equipped with a coloured PVC coating.
For technical use, e.g. sensor applications, our PERMAFLEX® 928 films are individually aligned and magnetised accordingly.  


Technical Details

Magnet quality
Non magnetised
Adhesive strength [N/cm²]
PF 928034836000,501raw brown0,4
PF 928034846000,751raw brown0,65
PF 928034856001,001raw brown0,85
PF 9280338510001,0010raw brown0,85
PF 928034876001,501raw brown0,95
PF 928034886002,001raw brown1,1
PF 928034816003,001raw brown1,4

Possible applications:

Due to its high magnetic values, the anisotropic PERMAFLEX® 928 magnetic film can achieve an adhesive force of up to 1.4 N/cm² (approx. 140 g/cm²), depending on the material thickness. This strong adhesive PERMAFLEX® 928 magnetic film from RHEINMAGNET is therefore particularly suitable for backing heavy objects. Individual magnetic closures can be realised with congruent pairs of cuttings.
For demanding applications, e.g. at the Point of sale with public traffic, this material is used as a robust, strong adhesive fixing aid for price labels or as a flexible magnetic identification label in deep-freeze warehouses.
Special formats with complicated shapes can be produced promptly in large and small series. Tell us your desired dimensions or describe the desired application; we will find the right solution for you.


PERMAFLEX® 928 sheets before cutting

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